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From JBry...@s-s-t.com
Subject Re: Large PDF - Performance
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 18:57:49 GMT
Hi, Danny,

IMHO, 1001 pages does not approach FOP's limit. I have produced documents 
more than twice that size with FOP.

Also, when I produce those documents (data dictionaries for my client), 
FOP takes about two minutes to do its thing. However, I do not use Xalan 
as my XSLT processor. I use Saxon for the XSLT processor and then use FOP 
to transform the FO file into PDF. For the whole process, I need about 
three minutes (one for Saxon and two for FOP).

I started using Saxon 8 (currently 8.6) to get some XSLT 2.0 features and 
then found that Saxon is a better and faster processor in addition to the 
XSLT 2.0 features.

Oh, you might want to look into pre-compiled stylesheets, too. Saxon 
supports those. I don't know about Xalan.


Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services
(presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies)

"Danny" <danny.gallagher@gainergroup.com> 
11/10/2005 11:39 AM
Please respond to


Large PDF - Performance

I cannot seem to get the performance that I need for this report.

I have tried all of the suggestions that I have found, mostly: 
removal of the # of n page numbering
multiple page-sequences

Right now it takes 4 min 13 sec (from command line) to produce a pdf of 
TRANSACTION elements (from attached detrpt1.xml) ** this xml contains only 

I have also attached
- DetailRpt.xsl and RptStyle.xsl - the FO files

Am I missing something? 

This pdf is 1001 pages when rendered.  Is that approaching the sensible
limit of fop?

Hopefully I have provided the correct information.
Any help is appreciated.


Danny Gallagher
The Gainer Group
6525 The Corners Parkway
Suite 215
Norcross Ga, 30092
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