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From Clifton Craig <ccr...@gbg.com>
Subject Re: Page Sequences
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 14:33:34 GMT
Thank you all so much. I have another question though. Why is it that I would 
get the same OutOfMemoryError on the XEP personal edition? That's what has me 
wondering if it's really something wrong with my FO syntax or my stylesheet. 
It has me wondering about one section in my stylesheet that matches elements 
towards the bottom of the document. While that alone doesn't cause 
OutOfMemory running only through Xalan for transforming I wonder if that 
along with the pagesequence thing is just over the top? This is so 
frustrating! I'm willing to try anything now. Let me try applying the patch 
and we'll see.
Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer

On Friday 09 December 2005 9:19 am, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> The layout engine of 0.90alpha1 works differently. It's a bit difficult
> to compare the two versions. But I'd have to say the same optimization
> is currently not possible in 0.90/Trunk unless we extend the breaking
> algorithm to support a first/best fit strategy so the objects can be
> released early (i.e. as soon as their areas have been generated). Also
> remember that 0.90 is not yet optimized in any way. In many situations
> it uses a little more memory than the old, optimized 0.20.5 release.
> That's also part of why the current version is called "alpha". So, if
> you have memory problems, better stick to 0.20.5 for the moment.

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