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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: fop in a servlet in 0.91beta very different from 0.20.5
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2006 08:14:38 GMT

On 10.02.2006 20:14:06 Roberto Nunnari wrote:
> Hello Jeremias.
> Yes. You're right. There was a problem with the FO document..
> in effect it was the same as the one I had a week ago caused
> by the title element.
> Anyways, I managed to move from 0.20.5 to 0.91beta and have it
> generate correctly the pdf.
> The only problem was with the trick I had used in 0.20.5
> with the last marker so that the last page would not have the
> subtotal on the last page. The difference:
> - 0.20.5: <marker marker-class-name="subtotalvalue"></marker>
> - 0.91beta: <marker marker-class-name="subtotalvalue"> </marker>
> as you see, the only difference is that in 0.91beta a space
> is necessary to have fop use an empty string on the last page
> instead of the last non empty marker.
> Also, 0.91beta correctly renders the subtotal in bold while
> 0.20.5 doesn't.
> Ok. Next week I'll deploy 0.91beta in the production environment
> and if all will be well, after a couple of weeks I'll report
> here.

Thanks for the feedback.

> Just one more question:
> I need be sure a small table will be shown all on the same page
> and not split across two pages.. What is the best way to go
> with 0.91beta ? Is it possible to achive that using several table-row
> or should I use put all content in a single table-row?

You can use multiple table-rows and keep-together.within-page="always"
on the fo:table. (works only in 0.91beta and later)


Jeremias Maerki

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