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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@enseeiht.fr>
Subject Re: Dynamic Configuration migration of 'strokeSVGText' and 'fonts'
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 20:48:40 GMT
Andreas L Delmelle a écrit :
>> Configuration.put("strokeSVGText", Boolean.TRUE);
>> //is this <strokeText value="false"/> in the image/svg+xml renderer?
> I don't think so... This would be an option for rendering to SVG (not  
> rendering of embedded or externally referenced SVG to PDF).
> The good news --at least IIRC-- is that the option you need is now  
> handled automatically. If nothing hinders rendering a portion of SVG  
> text as PDF text instead of strokes, then the former is preferred.  
> Strokes are only used when the SVG text has properties that make it  too 
> difficult or outright impossible to render it directly as PDF text.
> [I'm not 100% sure here, maybe someone can confirm? This is the  
> impression I gathered from a discussion on fop-dev between Thomas  
> Deweese (Batik) and Jeremias a while ago... Bugzilla some-number-I'm- 
> too-lazy-to-look-for-right-now ;-)]

I confirm that that's the case. Although, I think, there are still some
little improvements to do (in some cases text is rendered as strokes
whereas it is possible to render it as PDF text).

Actually the strokeSVGText option doesn't even exist anymore in Fop
0.91, because it is no longer useful. Text will simply be rendered as
text whenever possible.


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