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From Andreas L Delmelle <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: FOP issue with HP Deskjet 460c
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 19:25:05 GMT
On Feb 6, 2006, at 19:13, HENCHA@Nationwide.com wrote:

> I am having an issue with using Apache FOP and an HP Deskjet 460c  
> printer.
> The command that is failing from our java program is: Fop.main(-xml  
> xmlFilename -xsl xslFilename -print);

Well, IIRC, sending the output directly to the printer makes the  
outcome dependent on Java AWT...

I don't know by heart if the mentioned printers understand  
PostScript, but rendering to PS and piping the output to the printer  
might be an option (? analogously: render to PDF and pipe the output  
through acroread.exe)

> It uses an XML input file and style sheet to print out a  
> "participation agreement" from our software. The above command  
> works fine with the HP Deskjet 450cbi printer and all other  
> printers we have tried, except for the HP Deskjet 460c.  When we  
> use the HP Deskjet 460c, the software just form feeds a blank sheet  
> of paper through the printer.  Neither our application or the HP  
> Deskjet 460c give any errors.
> We are using an IBM Thinkpad, T40 model.  It is running Winodws  
> XP.  The java JDK is JDK1.3.1_15.  The HP Deskjet 460c is attached  
> to a USB port.

Another alternative you could try (if you're at liberty to do so) is  
upgrade the JVM (long shot: I'm thinking a more recent version of AWT  
could turn out to be the answer...)




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