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From Louis.Mast...@log-net.com
Subject Dynamic Configuration migration of 'strokeSVGText' and 'fonts'
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 17:12:55 GMT
I am in the process of upgrading from FOP 0.20.3 to 0.91.  My 
implementation uses both a config file and some programmatically loaded 
options, but I do not see how to accomplish this in the new version of 
FOP.  I am a little lost on how the Avalon configuration maps to the FOP 
user agent's config settings.  My older code below shows how I used to set 
the SVG stroke and add a font.  Can this still be done programmatically 
and are the setting "keys" still applicable?

Configuration.put("strokeSVGText", Boolean.TRUE);
//is this <strokeText value="false"/> in the image/svg+xml renderer?

//config fonts
Vector allFonts = new Vector();
Vector allTrips = new Vector();
                        //      name    weight  style
allTrips.add(new FontTriplet("MS Song","normal","normal"));
allTrips.add(new FontTriplet("MS Song","bold","normal"));
allTrips.add(new FontTriplet("MS Song","normal","italic"));
allTrips.add(new FontTriplet("MS Song","bold","italic"));
FontInfo fontInfo = new FontInfo("MS 
Configuration.put("fonts", allFonts);


I see a reference to the userconfig.xml file on 
"http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.91/fonts.html" but I do not see that 
file in the distribution.  I previously used this file to set some 
application-level defaults, but I override in my code.


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