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From Abel Braaksma <abel.onl...@xs4all.nl>
Subject Re: Em Space - UTF8
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2007 16:52:28 GMT
Oliver Müller wrote:
> the problem only appears when it's the first element of a new line.
> I tried 2 different methods to get the effect and both fail with fop.
>      <fo:inline space-start="10pt"></fo:inline>
>      <fo:inline font-size="10pt">&#8195;</fo:inline>
> Note that this works in Antenna House XSLFormatter.
> I need this for my workaround for line indenting, because I want
> to indent lines after a xml node called <absatz />.

I can hardly believe you need a workaround for spacing text, the last 
time I saw that it was really needed was in the HTML 2.0 time, where 
tables were not yet a part of the standard. However, if you must use 
spaces and cannot use text-indent or the like, consider a workaround 
with either:

&#x200C;  -- Zero Width Non-Joiner
&#x200D;  -- Zero Width Joiner
&#x200E; -- Left-To-Right-Mark
&#x200F; -- Right-To-Left-Mark

For example, you could try this:


But if that is still truncated down to nothing (as spaces appear to be 
stripped), you can try holding it into two characters that are not 
spaces, like this:


(or if your text is supposed to be right-to-left, replace that with RLM)
(look here for possible candidates that are better suited than a 
character that actually has a function: 

But, these seem to me like terrible workarounds: not all fonts support 
them, you should, in any case, use an indentation method or try to apply 
one, and spacing characters are not defined to be of equal width amongst 
fonts, leaving you with unequal indentation when you try to apply this 
techniques with other fonts.

-- Abel Braaksma

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