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From Mildred <mildred...@online.fr>
Subject Mixing languages and Unicode
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 13:08:18 GMT

I'm trying to create a document using XSL and FOP containing tibetan
prayers. And I'm having troubles with fonts.

At first, all my tibetan characters were represented by a #. I looked
at the fop website and I managed to create a configuration file, and to
create a metric for my tibetan font. And everywhere I can found tibetan
characters, i added the attribute font-family="Tibetan"

But when there are latin characters and tibetan characters mixed
together, it uses the tibetan font. But for the latin characters, the
tibetan font draws them with serif. and all other latin characters in
my document are sans-serif. So it doesn't look right.

I would rather like to specify in my document the latin font. And let
FOP use the tibetan font for tibetan characters (those characters can
only be found here, it should not be too difficult). Is it possible ?

I would like to say it works like that everywhere on my system. I use
the DejaVu font for almost everything and where there are tibetan
characters (in my text editor for example), the system fall back to the
only tibetan font it can find. I xould like FOP to do the same.

I hope you understood me. i can provide example if you ant.
Thank you


PS: i sent twice the subscription email to the mailing list but i had
no response. So I'm using gmane.

Mildred       <xmpp:mildred@jabber.fr> <http://mildred632.free.fr/>
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