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From Andreas L Delmelle <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: anything wrong with this XSL snippet
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2007 19:13:42 GMT
On Nov 30, 2007, at 19:00, Daling Xu wrote:


> I am using FOP to generate PDF from an XML doc.
> In my PDF, I would like to insert image in some places, but because  
> not every time I have an image for all the element in the xml, I  
> use a XSL:If statement like this way:
> <fo:block >
> <xsl:if test="@statusImageURL"><fo:external-graphic  
> src="{@statusImageURL}"/></xsl:if>
> <xsl:value-of select="@status"/>
> </fo:block>
> <snip />
> Any idea what's wrong with my XSLT?

Nothing inherently wrong about it. Are you *absolutely* certain the  
source does *not* contain the attribute (not even an empty one)?
Another (very remote) possibility:
Does the source XML contain a reference to a DTD, perhaps?
Not 100% certain, but I seem to remember having seen this once: an  
empty attribute being added due to DTD validation.
If the attribute is not defined as #IMPLIED, but with a default value  
of "" (empty string), then it could be added by the XML parser, so we  
wouldn't see it in the source, but the XSLT processor would.




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