Thanks for the information. I tried to use both content-height and content-width (setting them to 'scale-to-fit') in my testcase and it still did not work. I think there might be some issue here. Below is the code snippet from file:


In getInlineArea() function:


Line 72 onwards…

        int bpd = -1;

        int ipd = -1;


The bpd and ipd values are only overwritten if

Line 129 onwards…

        if ((scaling == EN_UNIFORM) || (cwidth == -1) || cheight == -1) {

            if (cwidth == -1 && cheight == -1) {

                cwidth = fobj.getIntrinsicWidth();

                cheight = fobj.getIntrinsicHeight();



Line 164 onwards…

        if (ipd == -1) {

            ipd = cwidth;


        if (bpd == -1) {

            bpd = cheight;



The ipd and bpd values are set as per this flow for my FO file. As such, the values are not being scaled. We might be missing something here but since I am not an expert in this area, any input to fix this issue will be greatly appreciated.




Kumar Puppala


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On Nov 9, 2007, at 20:08, Puppala, Kumar (LNG-CON) wrote:


Hi Kumar

> I am running into an issue with both gif and png images in fop 

> 0.94. I am trying to render a big GIF image in my PDF document. 

> Since the image does not fit in a single page, it should be 

> resized. In FOP 0.20.5, I do see the correct behavior and the image 

> is rendered properly. However in both 0.93 and 0.94 releases, the 

> image is not truncated and hence only rendered partially. I am 

> hereby attaching the FO file and the outputs from old and new fop. 

> Are there any known issues here?


Yes, the behavior in FOP 0.20.5 is non-compliant.


Take a look at the fo:external-graphic, and the XSL-FO Rec, more 

precisely: (Area Dimension Properties)


You have no explicit (content-)width/height, so:


content-width="auto" => intrinsic image width

content-height="auto" => intrinsic image height




=> the image should not be scaled to fit the viewport, but clipped.


The trick is to set content-height and/or content-width explicitly to 

"scale-to-fit". That should normally do it.


Hope this helps!







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