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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Noisy output when formatting DocBook despite -q
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 10:26:55 GMT
Hi Warren,

Warren Young wrote:
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>>> - fo:table, table-layout="auto" is currently not supported by FOP
>>> I've tried disabling this one by trying to set the default table width
>>> to 100% in my fo.xsl customization layer, but it doesn't help.  I'm
>>> aware that I could probably turn on FOP extensions to suppress it, but
>>> I'd rather use a standard method.
>> You mean the ‘fop1.extensions’ stylesheet parameter? 
> Yes.
> It seems to have no effect.  I've tried setting it two ways.  First, in
> the command that does .dbx to .fo processing:
>     xsltproc --stringparam fop1.extensions 1 ....
> and in my fo.xsl file, which is a customization layer for the above
> process, so this should be equivalent:
>     <xsl:param name="fop1.extensions" select="1"/>

Well it does have an effect if I add it to the fo.xsl customization 
file, and by using at least the 1.72.0 stylesheets. It might well be 
that this will work only with recent releases of the stylesheets.

To avoid the other warning (‘... falling back to proportional- 
column-width(1)’), I had to modify the DocBook source and put two 
colspec with a colwidth attribute, instead of only one colspec:
    <colspec colsep="1" rowsep="1" colwidth="*"/>
    <colspec colsep="1" rowsep="1" colwidth="*"/>

>>> - Line 1 of a paragraph overflows the available area. (fo:block,
>>> location: 2/33495)
>> Not sure you want to ignore this one. This usually means that some
>> content goes in the margin, possibly resulting in text being clipped.
> Given that I'm using DocBook and not generating FO myself, why would
> this happen?

Simply because there is no possibility to break the text over several 
lines/pages. This is not dependent on the toolchain but rather on the 
input document. In your particular case this is caused by the program 
listings, which have too long lines. I managed to reduce the number of 
warnings to only 3 by adding font-size="80%" to the 
‘monospace.verbatim.properties’ attribute set, but this is perhaps not 
what you want. You may let FOP automatically wrap the text, by removing 
the wrap-option="no-wrap" from the same attribute set —but honestly the 
result won’t look very good. Or you may implement the line-wrapping in 
your source code extraction tool.


Vincent Hennebert                            Anyware Technologies
http://people.apache.org/~vhennebert         http://www.anyware-tech.com
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