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From Warren Young <war...@etr-usa.com>
Subject Re: Noisy output when formatting DocBook despite -q
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 18:38:59 GMT
Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> It seems to have no effect.  I've tried setting it two ways.  First, in
>> the command that does .dbx to .fo processing:
>>     xsltproc --stringparam fop1.extensions 1 ....
> Well it does have an effect if I add it to the fo.xsl customization 
> file, and by using at least the 1.72.0 stylesheets. It might well be 
> that this will work only with recent releases of the stylesheets.

Okay.  I'm trying to avoid upgrading the stylesheets for testing 
reasons, because other things on this system generate DocBook, so if 
we're not using what we ship to customers...  It's the old dogfood problem.

> To avoid the other warning (‘... falling back to proportional- 
> column-width(1)’), I had to modify the DocBook source and put two 
> colspec with a colwidth attribute, instead of only one colspec:
>     <colspec colsep="1" rowsep="1" colwidth="*"/>
>     <colspec colsep="1" rowsep="1" colwidth="*"/>

This one I don't see, but it's probably a 1.72 thing.  I'll keep this in 
mind for when I do decide to upgrade.

> In your particular case this is caused by the program 
> listings, which have too long lines. I managed to reduce the number of 
> warnings to only 3 by adding font-size="80%" to the 
> ‘monospace.verbatim.properties’ attribute set, but this is perhaps not 
> what you want. 

No, in fact, that's perfect.  I've actually removed all of these 
warnings with font-size=85% here.

> Or you may implement the line-wrapping in 
> your source code extraction tool.

Our coding style has a line length limit, so if this warning crops back 
up again, it's a good thing, because it means someone's not following 
the rules.

Thanks for the help!

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