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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Blank half-cell on page1; text showing on page 2
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:39:03 GMT
Akagi sent me sample files off-list and that allowed me to spot a bug in 
lists. Caution, this is technical (and for the record):

In the samples the tables were surrounded by list items. And the 900 
penalty assigned to ugly breaks isn’t handed over by the merging 
algorithm in the list code. In fact every break opportunity in 
descendents of list items will be transformed into a zero penalty. This 
is a bug that will need to be fixed, sooner or later.

That said, having all the content of a cell deferred to the next page 
results into such an ugly output that this mechanism will very probably 
be disabled in the next release, preventing such situations from 
happening despite the bug in lists.


Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Akagi,
> Akagi Kobayashi wrote:
>> Hi Chris and Vincent
>> I don't seem to be able to run the fop command on my system, so am sending
>> the build file to Vincent.
> (Actually by cc-ing to fop-users you sent it to the whole list.)
>> The problem appears to occur only when there is a single line space in the
>> table cell on the first page.
>> I created a sample docbook containing the offending table and created a PDF
>> by the normal build process (although the Japanese gen texts were not picked
>> up).
>> The text in the cells are behaving correctly, but this is probably
>> because of the position of the table break. I notice from the main doc pdf
>> that the problem appears to occur only when there is a single line space in
>> the table cell on the first page; if there are two line spaces or more on
>> the first page, the long text does get broken up correctly and appear on
>> both pages. The sample xml and pdf attached.
> Can you post a sample that shows the problem? AFAICT the issue doesn’t 
> appear in the PDF you posted.
> Actually the intermediate XSL-FO file is produced by your building 
> system. You will find it in the target/fo/[en|ja]/customer_care_guide/ 
> directory (file customer_care_guide.fo). I guess you pick up the pdf 
> file in target/dist/pdf/[en|ja]/pdf/?
> So please create an example showing the problem, generate the pdf as 
> usually with your build system, and post back the produced XSL-FO and 
> PDF files (not the source XML which will be useless to us).

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