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From Andreas L Delmelle <a_l.delme...@pandora.be>
Subject Re: attributes of <block>
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 18:06:48 GMT

On Jan 2, 2008, at 18:36, irene23 wrote:


Since this is my first post of the year:
Best Wishes for 2008 to the whole FOP community!

Now as to your question, and Pascal's reply:

> I´m using xsl-region-after in this way:
> I have two page-masters defined, with one having a different footer  
> than the
> other.
> When this renders to a 2+ page document, the last page gets the  
> last footer
> and the other pages get the other footer.
> When it renders to a 1 page document, I get the "any" page footer,  
> even
> though
> the the page is the last page....
> I've posted on nabble.com, and gotten replies that it is possibly a  
> bug.
> So, I think I can´t use a xsl-region-after in this way. But you are  
> telling
> me that I can use xsl-region-after using
>> fo:marker/fo:retrieve-marker, (if the content depends on flow),  
>> Could you
>> tell me what is <fo:marker>?
> (I need put a signature, at the end of the body, in the last page -  
> not in
> any other- and if the document has only 1 page must have the  
> signature)

The idea is roughly:
You can put the signature in a single fo:marker that is attached to  
(= appears as initial descendant of) ONLY the last fo:block in the  
Use a dummy block as a wrapper for the fo:marker if the body text is  
not split up in multiple blocks.
The corresponding fo:retrieve-marker will only find something to  
retrieve on the page where that last fo:block ends up. No matter  
which page-master is currently in use (you could use the same one for  
all pages).

Analogously, as Pascal suggested, the signature can be put in an  
fo:footnote that is attached to the last block.
Take care here: as opposed to an fo:marker, which has to appear as an  
initial descendant, the fo:footnote should preferably be placed  
completely at the end of the last block.
If not, then if that last block gets broken over the last two pages,  
it is possible that the footnote/signature gets rendered on the next- 
to-last page.


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