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From Eric Vought <evou...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: How to put batch process into background on Mac OS
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2008 00:24:42 GMT
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> <snip>
> I have not studied how to include the XSLT transformation. Here is  
> how it would go:
> source XML document ----xslt transform via saxon (xslt 2.0) ---> 50 
> + .fo documents ---fop--->50+ pdf documents.
> The xslt automatically produces the 50 fo docs via <xsl:result- 
> document>. Would all this go into one build.xml? If so, would I  
> just call the xslt task first then call the "generate_multiple-pdf"  
> task?
> I am not sure that I need to bundle this all together. But it might  
> make my life easier.
> Thanks again,
> Terry

Yes, I do everything inside ant, from building my initial project  
structure through the PDF generation. Here is one of my targets to  
produce the .fo output that is the input to Fop:

<target name="-fo" depends="init,convert-images"
     description="Produces the fo (needed for PDF production)  
formatted file">

     <xslt in="${topdoc}" out="${formatdir}/${basename}.fo"

       <xmlcatalog refid="catalog.docbook"/>

       <!-- BUG: Fop 0.93 crashes with svg images in my environment.
            Have not been able to figure out why. Using pngs as stopgap-
	   they create larger PDFs and worse printed output. (emv 09042007)
       <param name="graphic.default.extension" expression="png"/>
       <param name="fop1.extensions" expression="1"/>

       <param name="ulink.footnotes" expression="1"
       <param name="glossterm.auto.link" expression="1"
       <param name="id.warnings" expression="1"



It should be easy to modify to do multiple documents just like you  
did for the Fop processing. I also build several other output formats  
along the way, including ODF via Fop. The dependency in the targets  
makes sure they are built in the right order and only if needed.  
These task definitions are all in an ant-include.xml which is shared  
between projects. I have a build.xml in each project which defines  
some project specific parameters like ${topdoc} and $ 
{xsl.no.ulink.footnotes} as desired and then includes ant- 
include.xml. For a few projects, the ant-include has to be  
customized, but not often and I can define some special purpose tasks  
in the build.xml if I need to.


Eric Vought

"Faith does not absolve us from trying to understand our world and  
make moral distinctions with the eyes and brain given us. Religion is  
as much responsibility as direction: Duty not Distinction."

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