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From Ron Van den Branden <ron.vandenbran...@kantl.be>
Subject Re: rendering problems involving empty lists and nested tables
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 15:35:41 GMT
> This is probably due to a bug in FOP 0.94 related to empty cells in 
> tables. Instead of putting <fo:block/> as a child of fo:table-cell, 
> try to put a non-breakable space in it: <fo:block>&#8203;</fo:block>.

> That should solve your problem.
Thanks. This does solve the rendering problem, but introduces an 
unwanted newline (as the space will be followed by the nested table 
block). In order to avoid that, I tried some unicode ZERO WIDTH space 
variants, but without improvement.
>> Still, since I have to stick to stable versions, the problem and my 
>> question remain valid with FOP-0.94. (Unless 0.95 is coming along soon?)
> Probably within one month now.
Thanks, that's very good to know!


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