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From "David Gerdt" <Dge...@bju.edu>
Subject Table row background images
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:08:43 GMT
I'm finding a difference in how background images for table rows are rendered in PDF versus
PCL. When producing a pdf, the image will fill only the row and be clipped where it runs outside
the bounds of the row. This is what I want. However, when producing PCL which is really my
ultimate goal, the whole image is displayed and overflows the bounds of the row.
This behavior occurs in both 0.94 and Trunk. I have tried applying the background-image attribute
to the table-row, table-cell, and the block each individually, with the same results.
I am not sure exactly what the intended behavior should be (clip the image or let it go) but
I'm more confused by the difference between the PDF and the PCL which are rendered from the
same fo file.
What I'm really trying to do is create a white background for a table row when rendered in
PCL. The background-color attribute produces this effect in a PDF but not in a PCL file. I'm
trying to work around this by setting the background-image to a plain white gif, but am running
into the problems above.
Any insight on these issues? I can provide a fo file if you like, but I figured these issues
were broad enough to not require the specific fo.

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