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From "Glenn Brand" <gbr...@odprofessional.com>
Subject Need to set a Relative font path in config file
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 19:34:49 GMT
How do I make the path in the config file relative to where fop is
installed. I want to put our fonts in a directory with fop.

We are doing this right now but the target directory changes at times
and we want the installer to be able to install without writing the path
into the config file.


       <font metrics-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/arial.xml"
kerning="yes" embed-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/arial.ttf">
          <font-triplet name="Arial" weight="normal" style="normal"/>

        <font metrics-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/arialbd.xml"
kerning="yes" embed-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/arialbd.ttf">
          <font-triplet name="Arial" weight="bold" style="normal"/>

        <font metrics-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/ariali.xml"
kerning="yes" embed-url="file:///c:/ODProfessional/Fonts/ariali.ttf">
          <font-triplet name="Arial" weight="normal" style="italic"/>


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