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From "Robert Eberhardt" <robert.eberha...@werum.de>
Subject Large EPs File
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 12:49:14 GMT



I have a problem with large eps files using fop. The EPs Fiel is about 300MB
large. It has to be so large because it is used for a Poster in A1 (about 80
x 60 cm).

I am embedding the eps file as an externalgraphic in a table. May be someone
can give me a hint how to embed that file in a more memory saving way.


The Application that uses FOP is developed on a Windows system and will be
installed for production on a Red Hat Linux System.


I have already used the java -Xmx option with 1550M. But the OutofMemeory
Exception still appears.



                                                           Kind regards
Robert Eberhardt



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