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From morten <...@mobo.dk>
Subject images in pdf file
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2008 22:07:13 GMT

I am trying to do a basic docbook -> xls-fo -> pdf

It is a basic docbook book written in conglomerate on my newly installed 
debian system. I use the latest fop-095beta.

I have tried to include an image, but it does not show up in the pdf.

What I do:
- use conglomerate to create a small docbook called mbndocbooktest.xml

- generate the xls-fo : I use the style sheet included in debian to do the 
$ xsltproc /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/fo/docbook.xsl 
mbndocbooktest.xml > mbndocbooktest.fo.xml

- convert using fop
$ ../../download/fop/fop-0.95beta/fop mbndocbooktest.fo.xml mbndocbooktest.pdf

Selected output is shown at the end.

I also have an issue with draft.png, but I have read that it is a question of 
status="draft" or something to that effect. The interesting part is that the 
error related to this image is "Background image not available". This makes 
sense since the draft.png is unavailable.

My error is "No ImagePreloader found". I have tried to google it, and search 
the archive but apparently I am looking in the wrong place.

Any suggestions?


Selected texts from the process.
--- docbook xml extract ---
    <chapter status="&quot;notdraft&quot;">
        <title>Hello, world</title>
            <graphic fileref="file:///home/morten/Devel/FS/SomeImage.bmp"/>
        <para>This is my first DocBook file.</para>

--- xml-fo extract ---
src="url(file:///home/morten/Devel/FS/SomeImage.bmp)" width="auto"
 height="auto" content-width="auto" content-height="auto"/>

--- Fop error extract ---
12-Apr-08 11:35:47  org.apache.fop.fo.properties.CommonBorderPaddingBackground 
SEVERE: Background image not available: 

12-Apr-08 11:35:48  org.apache.fop.fo.flow.ExternalGraphic bind
SEVERE: Image not available: No ImagePreloader found for 

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