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From "Michael Glass" <Michael.Gl...@gmx.de>
Subject ClassCastException while loading image
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 10:02:05 GMT
Hello all,

I just ran into rather strange problems during FO processing, causing the exception shown
below. My research (web searching, FAQ & mail archive etc.) turned up blank.


Started: "D:\Java\jre1.6.0_06\bin\java"
... lengthy OxygenXML 9.0.0 eclipse plugin commandline ... org.apache.fop.cli.Main -fo D:\Tools\e33\xml-test\figures.xml_xslt
-pdf D:\Tools\e33\xml-test\figures.pdf
08.05.2008 09:30:01 org.apache.fop.image.ImageIOImage loadBitmap
SCHWERWIEGEND: Error while loading image: [B cannot be cast to [S
java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to [S
	at sun.awt.image.ShortInterleavedRaster.getDataElements(Unknown Source)
	at org.apache.fop.image.ImageIOImage.loadBitmap(ImageIOImage.java:174)
	at org.apache.fop.image.ImageIOImage.loadDimensions(ImageIOImage.java:68)
	at org.apache.fop.image.AbstractFopImage.load(AbstractFopImage.java:161)
	at org.apache.fop.fo.flow.ExternalGraphic.bind(ExternalGraphic.java:75)
	at org.apache.fop.fo.FObj.processNode(FObj.java:125)
	at org.apache.fop.fo.FOTreeBuilder$MainFOHandler.startElement(FOTreeBuilder.java:320)
	at org.apache.fop.fo.FOTreeBuilder.startElement(FOTreeBuilder.java:185)
	at net.sf.saxon.event.ContentHandlerProxy.startContent(ContentHandlerProxy.java:343)

What I did and what happened:

Two png images are to be included into a pdf. Exceptions occur, finally resulting in a null
image. PDF is generated, can be viewed, but one image is missing. There's just empty space
of correct dimensions in the document.


Both images are fetched from a web server. Both are available by URL in a browser and both
can be opened by an image editor program, meaning the files themselves seem to be ok. Loading
the images from remote by a small java awt test application (using ImageIO) works fine. Both
images were created by conversion to png (ImageMagick), one using a wmf as source the other
having an emf as source. Both images share the same filename but are from different paths/URLs.

Java 1.6.0_06
fop.jar: Implementation-Version: 0.94 (OxygenXML 9.0.0 eclipse plugin)

fop.jar: Implementation-Version: 0.20.4 works just fine (XMLmind FO converter 3.1 without

What happened? Any ideas? Upon request I'll gladly provide both images, the minimal fo source
and the pdf result.

Best regards and thanks in advance,

Michael Glass
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