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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Page bottom padding
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 18:06:02 GMT

kindaian a écrit :
> Some time ago I had a similar requirement. May happen it is the same. I
> have blocks in the format
> This is what I was getting:
> ---- top of page
> | XXXXX -block one
> | XXXXX -block two
> | XXXXX - block three
> |
> |
> ---- bottom of page
> This is what I wanted it to happen:
> ---- top of page
> |XXXXX -block one
> |
> |XXXXX -block two
> |
> |XXXXX -block three
> ---- bottom of the page
> I think what I'm looking can be called "vertical-justify". And is
> something very useful to make layouts like yellow pages and the like
> (lots of small blocks of text, spread on several columns in the page,
> justified to the top and bottom of the page).

There’s no need for a vertical-justify setting to achieve this. You can
just specify elastic spaces between the blocks:
    <fo:block space-after.minimum="0"
              space-after.maximum="30pt">block one</fo:block>

FOP will use the amount of stretchable whitespace that’s avaialable to
“justify” the content on the page.

But I think that Vangelis’ requirement was to make visible the amount of
whitespace left at the bottom of a column by the layout algorithm, when
no elastic space is available. In which case I’m afraid I can’t think of
any FO construction to achieve that. But maybe you will find the above
hint useful, after all.

> Jeremias Maerki escreveu:
>> Not sure I understand you correctly. There are various way to generate
>> "padding" at the page bottom:
>> - margin-bottom on fo:simple-page-master
>> - margin-bottom on fo:region-body
>> - Enclose all your content in an fo:block and specify:
>>    padding-after="2cm" padding-after.conditionality="retain"
>> Depends on what effect you need exactly.
>> HTH
>> On 02.05.2008 21:39:24 Vangelis Karageorgos wrote:
>>> Hi everybody,
>>> there's a question we've been confronted with during our development
>>> process
>>> using FOP.
>>> Is page bottom padding possible to materialize in FOP, while
>>> constructing a
>>> layout with several columns and flow from one onto another?
>>> Thanks in advance,


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