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From Jean-François El Fouly <jean-franc...@elfouly.fr>
Subject Re: Memory issue
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 09:38:49 GMT
Andreas Delmelle a écrit :
> Which Java VM are you using? Practically every time someone tells us 
> about memory/GC issues, it appears they are using an implementation 
> other than Sun (IBM, GNU...)
> Up to now, we still have to find out why precisely non-Sun VMs have 
> difficulties with FOP...
Nope. I'll double check but I'm pretty sure it's a genuine Sun JVM 
1.5.0_11, or maybe the very minor build after.
> How large would the resulting FO-files be if you dump them to the 
> filesystem? The XML by itself says very little. From a 1.5MB XML, you 
> could get a FO of a few KB or one of 26MB, depending on the stylesheet.
5.08 Mb.
> Does the stylesheet adhere to XSLT best practices? Does it generate a 
> lot of redundant fo:blocks, fo:inlines?
I hope not. It has been a complicated thing generated by StyleVision in 
the very beginning but it has been simplified and tweaked a lot.
> A nit, for the record: There is no such thing as 'forcing garbage 
> collection'. The most you can do with System.gc() is indicate to the 
> VM that it should run the GC as soon as possible. Admitted, most 
> implementations do run the algorithm virtually immediately upon 
> execution of the statement, but the Java spec does not mandate such 
> behavior. In theory, if the VM is too busy, it could still postpone 
> the actual GC-run, until it acquires the necessary resources...
Indeed, but the log4j log has timestamps and they show that 20 seconds 
are spent around System.gc() so my guess is that something really 
happens at that time.

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