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From "David Gerdt" <Dge...@bju.edu>
Subject Measurement accuracy in PDF vs PCL
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 16:17:11 GMT
I'm curious as to the differences between how distances are measured between different output
formats. I've been trying to get a sheet of address labels to align correctly and am noticing
a vast difference between how they are rendered in a PDF vs how they appear in PCL.
I use a combination of Eclipse and the Orangevolt XSLT plugin to develop my style sheets and
generate PDFs on a WinXP box because I can quickly see the results. Ultimately, the documents
will be rendered on an AIX system, normally (though not always) as PCL. There are instances
where the same document can be rendered in either of these two formats, and that's why these
differences make me nervous.
In the case of the mailing labels, I'm noticing about a 1mm difference in height for the table
cells. PDF cells are right at 26mm and PCL at 27mm. That sounds like a very slight difference,
but it adds up to a 1cm difference over the ten rows of the sheet of labels. Also, the top
margin has a difference of about 5mm between the two formats, with the first table row starting
at 17mm in the PDF output and about 12mm for the PCL version.
Can anyone give any insight? Is this just a driver thing?
I am running the 0.95beta on both machines. The fo is attached if you're interested.
Thanks for the help!

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