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From Andreas Delmelle <andreas.delme...@telenet.be>
Subject Re: Getting hyphenation to work
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 17:06:17 GMT
On May 29, 2008, at 04:28, Kamal Bhatt wrote:

> J.Pietschmann wrote:
>> paul womack wrote:
>>> Kamal Bhatt wrote:
>>>> Thanks. Works a treat. One more question, where can I get these
>>>> hyphenation files for asian languages (such as japanese).
>>> I'm far from sure hyphenation is even a valid concept
>>> in Japanese.
>> Well, digging around:
>>  http://marc.info/?l=fop-dev&m=102992807207069&w=2
>> While this is mostly about line breaking, hyphenation may happen  
>> under
>> certain, apparently very rare circumstances. Some more info is in the
>> wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsoku_shori
>> I wonder whether the rules there are reflected in the Unicode line
>> breaking properties, which would mean that FOP 0.95ff would handle
>> this properly.
<snip />

Only partially, if I'm correct. As a fall-back, the UAX#14  
implementation in FOP allows breaks between /any/ pair of CJK  
(see: http://markmail.org/search/?q=CJK+linebreaking#query:CJK% 

As mentioned in the post, this is simplistic, and may very well lead  
to a layout that is undesirable/suboptimal from the POV of someone  
who is versed well enough in either one of the related languages.  
(see the Korean example attached to the OP in that thread)

Someone once started more detailed work on this, and an initial patch  
is available in Bugzilla #36977, but this hasn't been incorporated in  
the codebase yet, since there were concerns about the approach  
operating 'on top of' UAX#14 (unnecessarily increasing iterations  
over the same character sequences).

> Also, how does one convert a Tex file into a valid hyphenation XML  
> file?

I don't think there's a tool available to do so directly, although,  
from the last time I researched this topic, I do seem to remember  
that there are tools that convert TeX hyphenation files into a  
generic XML format. Subsequently, with a minimum of effort, such an  
XML file could then be transformed via XSLT to match the format used  
by FOP.




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