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From "Alexander Stamenov" <astame...@gmail.com>
Subject Changing orientation with fo:block-container holding a table
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 15:04:08 GMT
Greetings to all!

 I am using fop v 0.94 on a Windows XP box.
 I have the task to transform some XML into XSL-FO and part of that
XML is actually xhtml containing tables.
 Some of those tables are wider than a standard A4 page, so I wanted
to rotate them using <fo:block-container reference-orientation="90"
/>. But I stumbled upon a problem that cannot find a solution for.
 The table is rotated very nicely but the problem occurs if the table
cannot fit in the container. The rendering of the table continues to
the end of the page (right side in the 90 case) and after that it is
continued on the next page. What I think is a bug or misuse by me is
that the transition to the next page should occur when the
block-container ends. The fact that the table header is re-rendered at
the point where the correct transition should occur makes me speculate
that this might be a bug.

 Can you please refer to any solutions to this problem? And also
should this also be posted to fop-dev mailing list?


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