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From "Antti Karanta" <antti.kara...@napa.fi>
Subject Problem using Lucida Console font
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 08:11:09 GMT


   My adventures with fonts continue. Now I run into trouble trying to use  
Lucida Console (in pdf).

   What I have is this:

<fo:block space-before.minimum="0.8em" space-before.optimum="1em"  
space-before.maximum="1.2em" space-after.minimum="0.8em"  
space-after.optimum="1em" space-after.maximum="1.2em" hyphenate="false"  
wrap-option="no-wrap" white-space-collapse="false"  
white-space-treatment="preserve" linefeed-treatment="preserve"  
text-align="start" font-family="'Lucida Console'" id="d0e69">blah  

   I also tried

font-family="Lucida Console"

   (i.e. without the single quotes)

   FOP says

WARNING: Font 'Lucida Console,normal,400' not found. Substituting with  

   This is strange since the other fonts in c:\WINDOWS\Fonts directory seem  
to work ok when referenced (e.g. Tahoma, Verdana).

   Could there be a problem because the font name has a space in it?

   Do I have to create a separate font metrics file? If so, why is this  
necessary for Lucida Console, but not e.g. for Tahoma and Verdana?

   My environment: win xp sp 2, java 1.5.0_15, fop 0.95beta

in my fop.xconf I have

     <renderer mime="application/pdf">


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