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From Andreas Delmelle <andreas.delme...@telenet.be>
Subject Re: region-after set size to auto
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 19:12:35 GMT
On Jun 19, 2008, at 21:02, bonekrusher wrote:

Just FYI:

> Thanks but that didn't work. I ended up calculating the extend size  
> based on
> the length of the content:
> 			<!-- Calculate page footer size-->
> 		<xsl:variable name="content-size">
> 			<xsl:value-of select="string-length(//notices)"/>
> 		</xsl:variable>

Better, in XSLT terms would be:

<xsl:variable name="content-size" select="string-length(//notices)" />

And if you don't need the content-size variable further on, just make  

<xsl:variable name="footer-size" select="(string-length(//notices)  
div 450)" />

> <snip />
> I just thought there was an easier way.

Unfortunately not. OTOH, I can't tell if this would be a feasible  
alternative for you, but you might be able to achieve the same using  
fo:footnotes and no region-after... If the footer information needs  
to be preceded by some form of static-content, then this could be  
done by means of fo:footnote-separator (?)

Maybe worth a try...



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