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From Vincent Hennebert <vincent.henneb...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Font auto detection combined with font aliases
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:00:40 GMT
Hi Ingo,

Ingo Maas wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have a little problem with the Windows font "Times New Roman". The Word2FO
> stylesheet from RenderX does a normalization of font family names, resulting
> in "TimesNewRoman" (without spaces) in the XSL-FO which FOP fails to resolve
> using its font auto detection feature. 
> When using the old style font metrics settings in FOP configuration it
> was/is possible to set font family name aliases. Can someone confirm that
> it's not possible to use a combination of auto detection and font aliases
> without providing any metrics configuration.

FWIW, you can still use the old style configuration without providing
the XML metrics files. For the Times New Roman font you would do
something like this:
    <font embed-url="path/to/TimesNewRoman.ttf">
      <font-triplet name="TimesNewRoman" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
    <font embed-url="path/to/TimesNewRoman-Italic.ttf">
      <font-triplet name="TimesNewRoman" style="italic" weight="normal"/>
    <font embed-url="path/to/TimesNewRoman-Bold.ttf">
      <font-triplet name="TimesNewRoman" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
    <font embed-url="path/to/TimesNewRoman-BoldItalic.ttf">
      <font-triplet name="TimesNewRoman" style="italic" weight="bold"/>

This method will also work with versions 0.94 and 0.95.


Vincent Hennebert                            Anyware Technologies
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