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From "David Gerdt" <Dge...@bju.edu>
Subject Re: PCL font spacing
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2008 13:32:11 GMT
I ran the test again using the most recent build (ca142-20080515 (SR11)) with the same results.
: (
Is there a way to circumvent this by setting up fonts manually?

>>> "Andreas Delmelle" <andreas.delmelle@telenet.be> 6/13/2008 12:12 PM >>>
>----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
>Van: David Gerdt [mailto:Dgerdt@bju.edu] 
>Verzonden: vrijdag, juni 13, 2008 05:30 PM
>I made the change to fo:wrapper and the problem does persist.

OK, thanks for checking! (Even if it doesn't solve your problem, the advice is still valid:
if possible, use fo:wrapper instead of fo:inline. Maybe we'd better add that hint to the website...
I'll look into that.)

In the meantime, I've also been looking at the related code, and it indeed looks JVM-related.
IIC, then the issue applies to all Java2D-based renderers. The most likely cause is that one
(or more) of the Java AWT font-related classes return(s) different values for the same method
call(s) on AIX and Windows. (PDF and PS would not exhibit this difference, since they don't
rely on Java AWT for the font-metrics; using standard Java-APIs has its benefits, but clearly
also its drawbacks...)

Is the JVM that is used on AIX the most recent available build for version 1.4.2 (if I read
correctly, it's a build from 1.5-2 years ago)? If not, can you try upgrading to the latest
build, and see if that helps?


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