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From craig budding <craigbudd...@hotmail.com>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:42:16 GMT



 I wonder if you can help me?
 I am trying to produce PDF and postscript output from XSL:FO using FOP 0.95 - and I need
to include some custom fonts.
 The custom fonts are true type currently - and I guessed they needed converting to Type1
before they would work with PostScript.
 I converted them to .PFA / .PFB + .AFM files using ttf2pt1, and updated the FOP config file
for both PDF and Postscript renderers sections to look in the directory where these live.
 The PDF picks up the new fonts and they work fine ... (so I am guessing the conversion worked
 The PostScript runs through FOP with no errors, but the output of the new fonts is all spaces
or characters like ! ( " ) .
 I am wondering if I need to run PFMReader to try and generate the XML metrics file ?? , but
I don't have PFM files ...
 Also, when I have tried to execute PFMReader through MS Dos, it has returned a ClassNotFoundException.
 I would be really grateful for any thoughts !!

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