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From Manuel Mall ...@arcus.com.au>
Subject RE: Fixed Column Width not working.
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 15:04:49 GMT
The Adobe Reader printing subsystem distinguishes between paper size and
printable area. Most printers can't print to the edges of the paper,
therefore the printable area is smaller than the paper size (and the
printable area differs between printers). The scaling ensures that the PDF
page fits into the printable area of the paper / printer combination and no
content is lost when printing.

Because the printable area differs between printers assuming it will always
be 94% of the paper size will not give consistent results between printers.

If you don't want any scaling then as mentioned before the solution is to
set it to None in the Adobe Reader Print dialog. This means your page will
be printed starting at the top/left corner of the printable area (not the
paper) and anything that does not fit to the right or bottom is cropped. For
the visual appearance of the page on the paper this means that if for
example you have a left margin of 1/4" in your PDF and your printer's
printable area starts at 0.1" from the left edge of the paper your left
margin on the printed page will be 1/4" + 0.1" (assuming perfect paper feed
mechanism and paper alignment in the printer).

I know this is not what you want but this is how it appears to work.

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From: Patrick [mailto:pthomas@trey-industries.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, 31 March 2009 10:31 PM
To: fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Subject: Re: Fixed Column Width not working.

> So the margins you specified in FO lie outside the printable area
> supported by your printer.

The margins are 1/4", which my printer supports. I'm not sure why those
work, but that's OK.

> Other people had the same problem (you can check the archives). They
> switched off the scaling in Acrobat's print dialog and they confirmed
> that the dimensions specified in FO were correct when printed out. There
> is no bug in FOP concerning that. It's a user setting in Acrobat which
> FOP doesn't have an influence on. So I don't know how to help you any
> further with this. Sorry.

I searched the archives and couldn't find the problem, but now that I know
I'm looking for, I can probably find more info. Do you know if a PDF would
capable of containing print settings that I could code into my form? Would
be a feature worth requesting or is it impossible?

I think I may have figured out a way to make it work without requiring the
to turn of scaling. For some reason, Adobe always scales my documents to 94%
all of my forms. If I adjust my measurements to compensate for that, then
printout comes out fine. What I still don't understand is why Adobe is doing
this scaling. My form, margins included, is smaller than the 8.5x11 paper
it's printing on. Would the amount that it's adjusting be different on
printers? I would think that it would be the same for the same paper size
regardless of the printer.

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