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From "John Escott" <...@scanlaser.nl>
Subject block margin as a percentage 0.95 / 0.93 difference
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 23:40:12 GMT

I'm having a problem setting a block margin-right to a percentage if the 
block is the first child of its containing block and this containing block 
is within a block-container. The effect is as though the right-margin is 
0. (Using fop 0.95 with pdf output)

For instance, in
        <fo:block-container height="40mm">
                <fo:block id="1" border="0.4pt solid black">
                        <fo:block id="2" margin-right="40%" 
                        <fo:block id="3">some text</fo:block>
                        <fo:block id="4" margin-right="40%" 
"bad" is right-aligned at the right-hand side of block 1 but "good" is 
positioned near the middle of the block (40% from the right).

If I run it with fop-0.93, then they're both aligned in the "good" 

I guess this is a bug in 0.95? or is my understanding of block-container 
at fault?
Anyone care to comment?

best regards, John Escott.

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