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From Geert Bormans <ge...@gbormans.telenet.be>
Subject Re: issues with TTFReader
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 10:05:57 GMT
Sounds great Chris,
thanks for your answer,
I will give it a go and see what happens,

Thanks for your warning as well, I will carefully check the license 
with microsoft

At 11:12 8/05/2009, you wrote:
>Geert Bormans wrote:
>>I need to deliver PDF for all European languages using FOP (preferably)
>>I am testing on a windows machine, the eventual operation will be 
>>on a Sun Solaris 10 machine.
>>And I have a bunch of questions
>>1. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a font that covers 
>>all the characters I will need. Currently I think that Arial 
>>Unicode MS would suite best
>>I appreciate suggestions for alternatives
>Arial Unicode MS does indeed have a good coverage of glyphs for most 
>languages. I can't immediately think of any alternatives. You may 
>find you are breaching the license of that font if you are planning 
>on using it on a Solaris system however, as I believe it is included 
>with MS Office. So technically you would need a license for MS 
>Office for your Solaris environment in order to be able to use the font there.
>>2. I am trying to use TTFReader to  generate the XML font metrics. 
>>That doesn't seem to work
>In FOP v0.95 and later you don't need to generate Font metrics. In 
>fact it is recommended that you don't generate the metrics as FOP is 
>far more intelligent about how it reads the Font when not using 
>metrics in the latest versions.
>>This is my command-line
>>java -cp 

>>org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader C:\Windows\Fonts\ARIALUNI.TTF arialuni.xml
>>This is the error message I get
>The error is a classpath error. Basically you are missing 
>xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.jar from the classpath above.
>>3. Can I then use the .ttf and the font metrics on the solaris 
>>machine, or do I need to find an alternative font an do some 
>>similar actions again?
>As already mentioned you don't need the metrics file at all. Copying 
>the TTF to the Solaris machine will work but I believe you may be 
>breaching the terms of the MS Office license, although IANAL.
>>Are font metric files interchangeable? If someone generated the 
>>metrics file for me, could I just reuse it... If yes, is there 
>>somewhere a library of metrics files then?
>Yes you could but as I already explained they are no longer 
>necessary. So no, there is no library of metrics available.
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