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From Sergiu Dumitriu <ser...@xwiki.com>
Subject Re: PDF document asking
Date Thu, 28 May 2009 15:41:30 GMT
Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On 28 May 2009, at 15:46, Sergiu Dumitriu wrote:
>> Andreas Delmelle wrote:
>>> Not sure if it is a possibility for you to download and build FOP 
>>> Trunk. If you have Subversion and Ant available on your system, then 
>>> it requires virtually no extra effort. Just check out with 
>>> Subversion, navigate to FOP's root directory in a terminal window, 
>>> and run 'ant package' to create the fop.jar.
>> Not exactly, I had some problems when trying this on the command line, 
>> but it worked from Eclipse.
>>> <snip />
>>> codegen:
>>>     [echo] Generating the java files from xml resources
>>> compile-java:
>>> resourcegen:
>>> java.lang.NullPointerException
>>>        at 
>>> org.apache.fop.tools.EventProducerCollector.createMethodModel(EventProducerCollector.java:138)

> Seems that QDox' JavaMethod.isReturns() may produce null in some cases, 
> which results in Type.isVoid() yielding a NPE. Their API docs do not 
> offer a lot of explanation, unfortunately....
> Do you have another version of QDox in the classpath? Does Eclipse use 
> the exact same Java version/build?

No, the settings are exactly the same, nothing special. Could be the way 
the classpath entries are ordered? On my system (Gentoo) there is a 
global qdox library, but it's the same version as the one provided in 
the lib directory (although not exactly the same binary, since Gentoo 
builds all packages locally, from the sources).
Sergiu Dumitriu

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