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From "Jeff Hooker" <Jeff_Hoo...@pmc-sierra.com>
Subject Outer limits of FOP document size?
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 20:52:58 GMT
Hi all,

I'm using FOP 0.25 (I know, I know; it's the price of embedded
infrastructure) to process some fairly large XML files into PDF. We've
recently broken the 10,000 page barrier and a problem has cropped up
where shortly after the 10000th page, the page numbering restarts,
followed by the FOP failing completely. The log file reads:

[INFO] [10255]
[INFO] [10256]
[INFO] [10257]
[INFO] [1]
[INFO] [2]
[INFO] [3]
[INFO] [94]

Obviously, PDFs of this size are near useless anyway; we produce them
mainly as a part of a contractual obligation to our customers. That
said, it's a contractual obligation, so it's nice to fulfill it.

I'm going to start the long, slow process of convincing IT to swap out
FOP .25 for FOP .95, but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone had
ever seen this before?


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