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From "Martin Edge" <Martin.E...@asmorphic.net.au>
Subject postscript sample - duplex/tray selection
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 04:06:43 GMT
Hey Guys,


Have been working through my issues with postscript for tray selection and
duplexing, and have read the PostScript extensions wiki and implemented some
of those suggestions in my FO file, but was wondering if anyone had a
working example of tray selection and duplexing in a small postscript
sample? Would save me a great deal of trial and error if I knew exactly what
codes I should be sending.


If there is a reference document anyone knows about that I could read that
might help, that'd be fantastic too.


FYI for anyone curious on the font conversion front - I tried the ttf2pt1
converter and at first try it didn't work, have used fontlabs font converter
from TTF -> Type 1 and that one seems to work marvellously, just costs a few


I notice there is comments that images and SVG's don't work that well in
Postscript, can any one elaborate on 'not so well?'






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