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From Frédéric Guillaume <guillaume.frede...@gmail.com>
Subject File size issue when using fop-pdf-images-1.3 plug-in
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:35:34 GMT
I have been successfully using the fop-pdf-images-1.3 plug-in with fop-0.95.
Basically, I want to insert a PDF within another PDF file.
However I figured out that the final file size was bigger than expected.
An example :
Let say i have a file X.pdf (10ko size; 4 pages)
I want to insert it into another file Y.pdf (3ko).
Each page of X.pdf inserted into Y.pdf will make the final size grow of
Y + 1 page of X = 13ko
Y + 2 pages of X = 23ko
Y + 3 pages of X = 33ko
Y + full content of X (4 pages) = 43ko instead of 13ko

Is it the normal functionning or an issue ?


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