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From <ale.marin...@alice.it>
Subject R: CIDset key for PDF/A
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 20:19:06 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

I cheked out FOP's trunk and tried to genereate a PDF/A-1B using the latest revision. It contains
the patch described in the issue 47711.
Anyway after validating the document with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro it seems to be not compliant
with PDF/A-1B. The Acrobat's report says that there's the font TimesNewromanPSMT embedded
as a subset, but it seems that there's still a problem with CIDSet. I add in attachment a
screenshot of that report.


-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Jeremias Maerki [mailto:dev@jeremias-maerki.ch]
Inviato: gio 22/10/2009 9.31
A: fop-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Oggetto: Re: CIDset key for PDF/A
Fop does generate the CIDset and was also tested against the Adobe
Acrobat that was available at the time. But as [1] shows, there may be a
bug hidden in the code that was not discovered at that time.
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to look at the patch, yet. Maybe you
can apply it yourself and give feedback if this solves the problem. And
I'll try to find time to process the patch.

[1] https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=47711

On 20.10.2009 21:28:28 ale.marino78 wrote:
> I'm trying to generate a pdf/a-1b with FOP 0.95, after the document
> generation Acrobat reports that is not a valid PDF/A, because
> "Documents with PDF/A conformance must have the CIDset key in the font descriptor
> for Unicode TrueType fonts".
> Is there in FOP the support for such CIDset key ?
> Thanks and regards,
> Alessandro

Jeremias Maerki

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