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From Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: again strange keeps
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 12:24:22 GMT
Hi Georg,

Georg Datterl wrote:
> Hi everybody, hi Vincent,
> Attached fo file contains the already well known tables, now for A6 format. In this case,
the right column contains three short tables and one image. Since that's too much for one
page, fop inserts a break before the last line of the third table, overriding a keep-with-next.within-page="5".
Now I would have expected the keep at the red block with the "TEST"-Text, since this block
does not have any keeps, but obviously I'm missing something here. Can somebody help?

Support for integer keeps is very limited at the moment. A break
occurring within an integer keep will simply be given maximum penalty in
the hope that breaks at better places (i.e., where keep has been left to
auto) will be privileged. All integer values result into the same break
penalty. In fact, the current implementation supports only 3 keep
values: auto, ‘highly desirable’, always.

A break where keep is highly desirable may still be privileged over
a break where keep is auto if that leads to a better overall layout; for
example, if breaking at auto places would lead to half-empty pages
whereas breaking at undesirable places would give full pages. (This is
not compliant with the Recommendation, for that matter.)

In the present case, however, there is something else that comes into
play: since the two images in the first column must be kept together,
they make a big unbreakable block. Therefore, the table algorithm will
put as much content from the second column as possible to match the
height of the first one (the heuristic being that full tables are more
desirable). By doing that, it will skip the acceptable breaks after the
TEST blocks, and will end up with the less acceptable ones inside the
inner tables.

> Regards,
> Georg Datterl
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