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From Harald Finster ...@topsystem.de>
Subject problem with list of fonts in font-family
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 11:13:23 GMT

could somebody please help me with the following problem:

I am trying to create a pdf-document from docbook using the
apache fop. The document contains West-European characters,
Cyrillic characters, phonetic symbols from the IPA alphabet and
Japanese Hiragana characters. (More character sets will most
probably follow.)

I managed to render Western + Cyrillic + IPA using the
Charis font with the following lines:

in fop.conf:

       <font  kerning="yes"
            <font-triplet name="Charis" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

in the ant-build starting fop:

            <param name="symbol.font.family" expression="Charis" />
            <param name="body.fontset" expression="Charis" />

The same works with the Japanese characters, if I use "Mincho" instead
of "Charis". Even the Cyrillic characters are displayed with "Mincho",
however the characters are pretty wide and some of the IPA diacritics
are incorrect.

Following the documentation, I tried to use a comma-separated list of
fonts, i.e.
            <param name="symbol.font.family" expression="Charis,Mincho" />
            <param name="body.fontset" expression="Charis,Mincho" />

I understand, that this list is searched for matching characters, i.e. the
algorithm should first find the Western,IPA and Cyrillic characters in 
and look for the Japanese characters in "Mincho".
However, the Japanese characters are not displayed in the pdf-document.
Instead, they are "displayed" as empty rectangular boxes. (Not hashes (#)!)

System information:
fop 0.95
docbook 1.74
ant started from eclipse 3.5.1
Win XP

The fonts (ttf-files) are installed in the doc/fo/fonts/ directory.
As fop seems to have a problem with ttc font collections, I extracted
Mincho.ttf from mincho.ttc with breakttc.exe.

Any pointer appreciated!

Kind regards

Harald Finster


i. A.
Dr.-Ing. Harald Finster 

topsystem Systemhaus GmbH
Monnetstra├če 24
D-52146 W├╝rselen

Phone : +49 (2405) 4670 - 22
Fax   : +49 (2405) 4670 - 10

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