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From Jean-François El Fouly <jean-franc...@elfouly.fr>
Subject "Yellow pages"
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:02:12 GMT
Aviation regulation authorities state that certain pages of aircraft manuals (maintenance,
policy, etc.) must be printed on yellow paper.
I need to simulate that in PDF by painting the background of my FOP document yellow.
I had no problem generating the blank pages with a 5-line iText program (first page) but for
the pages I generate with FOP the best I could do (until now) is to add the background-color="yellow"
attribute to fo:region-body, fo:region-before and fo:region-after. All in all the result doesn't
look that good (second page).
There must be a better/simpler solution. 
If anyone could help me or give me a hint I'd be very grateful !

Jean-François El Fouly

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