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From Abel Braaksma <abel.onl...@xs4all.nl>
Subject Re: Looking for help, including consulting, with font selection
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 12:35:45 GMT
I'm under the impression that Benson means selection strategy based on 
availability. Suppose the "A" is available in Candara, but the other 
letters/symbols are not, and the needed font selection strategy is 
"character by character" then the result must be similar to what you 
wrote, but automatically so. According to 
http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/fonts.html#selection this is not 
implemented yet.

Note that "auto" (which is implemented) means "the selection criterion 
is implementation defined". For FOP that means (afaik) that word 
boundaries and element boundaries work and that the "largest portion of 
a text or word that's available in a particular font" will be chosen. In 
the example above, the Gothic font will be used, because that has the 
largest part of the word/text.

Changing to "character-by-character" means that each character is 
considered individually.

Naturally, if Candara would contain all capital letters only, choosing 
character-by-character in the following:

   <fo:inline  font-family="Caldara, 'Century 

then the rendering with character-by-character would be equivalent with 
the following:

   <fo:inline  font-family="Caldara">A</fo:inline>
   <fo:inline  font-family="'Century Gothic'">=</fo:inline>
   <fo:inline  font-family="Caldara">E</fo:inline>
   <fo:inline  font-family="'Century Gothic'">3=81=82</fo:inline>

Obviously, either this or the original example from Benson cannot be 
achieved with current means (unless you add some rather prolific XSLT 
2.0 preprocessing, i.e., give it a list of fonts and do the selection 
strategy in the earlier processing step, using some home-brewed 
extension functions, which could be a possible alternative while waiting 
for the implementation).


Jason Harrop wrote:
> I don't have a font called "MS Gothic" on my XP / Word 2007 PC, so
> i've used "Century Gothic" instead, but subject to that, and assuming
> the relevant fonts are available, isn't this just:
>             <fo:block>
>                 <fo:inline  font-family="Candara">A</fo:inline>
>                 <fo:inline  font-family="Century Gothic">=E3=81=82</fo:inline>
>             </fo:block>
> with a config such as:
> <fop version="1.0">
>     <strict-configuration>true</strict-configuration>
>     <renderers>
>         <renderer mime="application/pdf">
>             <fonts>
>                 <font embed-url="file:/C:/WINDOWS/FONTS/CANDARA.TTF">
>                     <font-triplet name="Candara" style="normal"
> weight="normal"/>
>                 </font>
>                 <font embed-url="file:/C:/WINDOWS/FONTS/GOTHIC.TTF">
>                     <font-triplet name="Century Gothic" style="normal"
> weight="normal"/>
>                 </font>
>             </fonts>
>         </renderer>
>     </renderers>
> </fop>
> cheers .. Jason

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