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From Peter Hancock <peter.hanc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: FOP 0.95 printing
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:03:36 GMT
Hi Eric,

Do you run FOP standalone from the command line, or do you embed it in your
own app?  The reason I ask is because the example
embedding.ExampleFO2OldStylePrint.java in examples/embedding/java of the FOP
0.95 source illustrates the minimal utility of  java.awt.print.PrinterJob
for printing, and you may be able to adapt it for your own needs.  I am not
familiar with PrinterJob but I am guessing it can be configured with your
printer destination etc.

The FOP docs are a little minimal see:

They do explain that the available fonts are those configured on your OS,
and that PrintRenderer uses java2D to create the output.

I briefly took a look at the trunk code, and I do notice any functional
improvements made to the PrintRenderer.  However, upgrading your version of
FOP from 0.95 to trunk is recommenced if possible.

I hope some of this helps!


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 7:52 PM, Eric Douglas <edouglas@blockhouse.com>wrote:

>  How do I set up FOP 0.95 for printing a custom font?
> I have a truetype font file and it works fine printing to PDF or a preview
> window, but I can't get it to print directly to the printer.
> If I use the PrintRenderer I can't figure out a way to tell it which
> printer to print to.
> If I use the PSRenderer it finds the right printer but of course it doesn't
> work (yet?) with truetype fonts.
> I don't seem to have a valid Type 1 font file and I don't know how I can
> create one or where I could download one (free).

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