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From Sergiu Dumitriu <ser...@xwiki.com>
Subject Re: Font Cascade
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 18:21:38 GMT
On 03/05/2010 05:11 PM, JoshC wrote:
> Thanks for the input. Sounds like I had a few assumptions wrong about the
> font cascade. It looks like bug 48481 is pretty close to what I'm having
> trouble with, so I'll study that a bit more. Two additional questions:
> 1. How stable is the code in the trunk, and when will it be released as a
> FOP version?
> 2. I'm still unsure how deal with font cascades. I've seen numerous examples
> that have the final three fonts in the cascade as: sans-serif, Symbol,
> ZapfDingbats. How would Symbol and ZapfDingbats ever be used? Every FOP call
> would use sans-serif and ignore anything that comes after, right? I'm still
> really fuzzy about how this works for documents that have English text and
> something like Greek characters for math equations, for example. The Greek
> characters would have to come from Symbol, right? So how are they ever used
> if sans-serif is always used?

Traditionally, different fonts were needed for different charsets, but 
Unicode solved this. All Greek characters are present in Unicode, so a 
good font with wide Unicode support should have all the needed greek 
fonts. Using special fonts to replace ASCII with symbols was a bad idea, 
better not propagate it into the new century.

> If anyone can point me to additional resources to read about fonts and FOP I
> would appreciate it. It sounds like the questions I have are FOP issues and
> not XSL-FO issues, but maybe there is something in the XSL-FO spec that
> would clarify some of this as well.

Sergiu Dumitriu

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