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From Brad Smith <usernamenum...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Inserting line-break symbols?
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2010 04:02:25 GMT
> <xsl:attribute-set name="monospace.verbatim.properties">
>    <xsl:attribute name="wrap-option">wrap</xsl:attribute>
>    <xsl:attribute name="hyphenation-character">\</xsl:attribute>
> </xsl:attribute-set>
> The second attribute hyphenation-character identifies the character to
> use when the line is broken, in this case a backslash. You could use
> any Unicode character you like, but the character has to be available
> to the XSL-FO processor at that point. Note that FOP does not support
> the hyphenate.verbatim feature at all.

So, am I mis-understanding, or if I set wrap-option="wrap",
hyphenate="true" and hyphenation-character="\", should fop be able to
do what I'm looking for or not? As it is, I've got everything but the
hyphenation char showing up. Looking at fop's output I see "Couldn't
find hyphenation pattern none". After a bit of searching I figured out
that I needed to set "language=en_US" in the root xslfo element and
add the offo hyphenation jar to my classpath. I did that and while I
no longer get the error about hyphenation patterns, the results I get
makes no sense. Now, when a line that spills over, chunks of it get
repeated over and over, filling the better part of the page with

So, basically:

1) Am I missing something simple that will add the appropriate
hyphenation rules and ensure the fop follows them?

2) Even if I get that, will it ever work in conjunction with a
hyphenation-character, or dig you mean "abandon all hope" when you
noted that fop doesn't support hyphenate.verbatim? If the latter, why
does fop bother (according to its docs, at least) implementing things
like hyphenation-character?


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