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From Olov Häggström <olov.haggst...@netresult.se>
Subject <fo:inline> causes text placement issues with AFP
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 16:11:39 GMT

I am using FOP Trunk to generate PDF:s and AFP:s. The idea is to generate the
FO-file from an XSL stylesheet and an XML and then generate the PDF. After the
PDF is generated, custom afp-extension tags will be added to the FO-file and an
AFP-file will be generated from the modified FO-file. The XSL-stylesheet
contains conditional texts and dynamic data. This means that a lot of different
<fo:inline> tags are created. This is not an issue with the PDF-output format,
however when I render an AFP, it is. When generating AFP-files the last few
characters of the previous inline-text are overwritten. This doesn't happen
every time, but always for dynamic data and conditional texts.

I have created my own raster fonts for the AFP file generation. I recall an old
(about a year old) mail-thread involving Jeremias discussing using fonts not
included in the base-14 set included in FOP. Therefore, I have tried to generate
the file below using standard base-14 config and my custom config. The result is
the same.

<!--Start Fo-example-->
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<fo:root xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format">
<fo:simple-page-master master-name="page-master-175389712" margin-left="0.60in"
margin-right="0.60in" page-height="11in" page-width="8.50in">
<fo:region-body margin-top="0.79in" margin-bottom="0.79in" column-count="1"
<fo:page-sequence master-reference="page-master-175389712"
initial-page-number="auto" format="1">
<fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>Testing multiple consecutive inlines. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>12 2134567 1234 123 123 masim  asidjashdj a asjdhnakjsnd jasnd
akjsndaksjdn naksdjnasjdn as naksjn daksjn dasjn aksjn aksjn aksjnsdasd nakasdas
jasndaksndksajnd. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline>12345 12 12 1234 123 12 1234 123456 aksdlasd. </fo:inline>
<fo:inline font-size="10pt">12 213 123 12 12345 1234567 12345678910 123456
123456 123 123456789101 1 123456.</fo:inline>
<fo:inline font-size="10pt">S23456 12345 123456 123 12345 12 1234567890,
1234567890 12345678 12345678. 12345 12345678 123.123456789101112121212.12. 12
12345678 12 123 1234 1234 123456789101 123 12345678 (12 123456789 12 12345 1234)
123 12345 12345 123456789101112.</fo:inline>
<fo:block id="SV_RefID_PageTotal"/>
<!--End Fo-example-->

In the above example the last inline-tag (with text starting with S) produces
the error when generating AFP. PDF is fine.

<fo:block text-align="center"> fixes the issue for this specific file. However,
i need left aligned texts

To omit the font-size or using a table to set the font-size also seems to fix
the trouble. This is however hard to do, since we are using a stylesheet tool
and not programming the XSL:s directly.

1. Is this a known issue with the AFP-renderer?
2. Could it be a bug with the font-loaders? I haven't had time to check the
code, but I will do. Since the issue seems to be less recurring when setting a
"global" font name and size, could it have to do with this?
3. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there any nice workaround?

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