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From Red Light <skydelt...@yahoo.com>
Subject Flag this message border around a long text spanned on mutiple page
Date Sat, 08 May 2010 11:28:10 GMT

in my web page i got a rich input data field where a user can enter a long text (4000word)
and i want to print the report of this field , the problem i want is that the text in pdf
is printed in late say 3 page ,  i put the text inside a table-row and i give her a border
, the problem is the table is spanned over 3page so the table has the border-top in the 1
page and  the border-bottom is end 3page(the text in the second page doesn't have a top-border
and a bottom-border like the image )

here is my xsl:fo code

<fo:table-row border="1px solid black" block-progression-dimension.minimum="15cm">
    <fo:table-cell number-columns-spanned="2"  padding="0.2cm" >
        <fo:block  font-size="11" font-family="Times" text-align="left" >
       <xsl:value-of select="string-length(/report/resTechContributionText1)"></xsl:value-of>
        <fo:block border="1px solid red"  font-size="11" font-family="Times" text-align="left"
linefeed-treatment="preserve" >                                                   
       <xsl:value-of select="/report/resTechContributionValue"></xsl:value-of>

is it possible to have each part of the text on each page with a full border around it (top/bottom/right/left)

and thanks a lot

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