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From "Marquart, Joshua D" <joshua.marqu...@firstdata.com>
Subject RE: XML to TIFF CITT conversion - aid requested
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2010 14:57:17 GMT
Hi Jeremias,

I've changed the app as follows.

Apparently JAI Tools JAR gets ignored because I'm using xmlgraphics 1.2,
which is bundled with fop 94.

I updated to xmlgraphics 1.4 and kept the same fop .94, and I'm getting
the compression exception mentioned in the other e-mail:

javax.imageio.IIOException: Bits per sample must be 1 for T6

I updated everything to the latest JAR and am still getting the above
compression exception.  

From what I can tell by viewing the source of the JAI Tools code, if the
bits per sample array in the write function of TIFFT6Compressor isn't
length 1 containing a value of 1 (which is appropriate for a Group 4
compression tiff), it throws.

Bits per sample array size is set by the numBands calculated in IO Tools
TIFFImageWriter, which is determined by the samplemodel and the
Bits per sample value (1 is needed) is set by the bitDepth, calculated
in same, which since it needs to be 1, is determined by sampleSize[0],
which is also set by samplemodel.getSampleSize()

Since I see attachments work well in this mailing list, I'm attaching my
latest JAVA file and FOP-formatted XSL file.  Maybe my resulting xml is
overkill in some way, causing an unexpectedly high value in samplemodel?
I'm going to investigate further and see how the sampleModel is being
set within the code and what values it received, but while I'm still
researching, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Worst case on this, I'll end up trying to create a Graphics2D and using
JAI Tools to create the TIFF (I'll make sure to post the code as a
follow-up), or go back to our old way of generating a PostScript from
FOP and using a third party tool to convert it to TIFF (a tactic I am
trying to avoid).
Also, semi-topical since it concerns TIFF conversion and since you're
the one who made the fix, would you happen to know if the
multi-threading issue with with Java2D renderer (Revision 895012) is
resolved with xmlgraphics 1.4, or if that is still unreleased; I'm still
getting up to speed on how /  whether some specific revisions/fixes are
applied to releases.

Much Thanks,


jai_imageio.jar (1.1)
fop.jar (.95)

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