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From Tor-Einar Jarnbjo <tor-ei...@jarnbjo.name>
Subject FopFactory#newFop(...) performance with auto-detect enabled for fonts
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 21:08:09 GMT

I'm using FOP 1.0 in a situation where it would be most convenient to 
load font files from the application's classpath. Adding an auto-detect 
element to the font configuration enables this functionality and FOP is 
able to find my fonts, after I declared the content type for the font 
files in the manifest file.

After enabling the auto-detect feature, the creation of a new Fop 
instance with the factory's newFop method turns out to be very slow 
(appr 400ms with font caching enabled, 2.500ms with the cache disabled). 
I've debugged the code and it seems as if both the system font diretory, 
as well as all manifest files in the classpath are scanned for suitable 
fonts every time I create a Fop instance. On Windows, this even means 
that Fop starts a new cmd.exe process just to read an environment 
variable! Enabling font loading from the classpath without searching the 
system font directory as well is obviously not possible, since both 
features are enabled with the same configuration option ...

Shouldn't the font cache be initialized when creating the FopFactory 
(here the penalty is acceptable), so that each created Fop instance 
could use the factory's font cache? Or am I doing something wrong?


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